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In Kolmer Industries Research, Development and Innovation has been and is a fundamental pillar, so our laboratory is equipped with the latest technology available, obtaining a constant improvement of our current products and innovations in the development of new products.

We have collaborated with the Polymer Institute of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and are currently collaborating with the University of Granada and the University of the Basque Country.

Our laboratory is equipped with the necessary instruments for conducting research trials in the field of polymerization (chromatographs, scanning calorimeters, determination of TMFF, particle meter, solids, etc.).

Our R & D department works on several lines of research, carrying out projects in the field of nanotechnology that the CDTI participates in, among which are:

-Polymerization with different nanoparticles alone and combined with graphene.

- Polymerization with graphene.

- Polymerization with catalytic dioxide.

- Formulation of new products with greater technological benefits and more respectful with the Environment.

- Constant improvement of existing ones.

In the section of Colorimetry, we have developed several own Tintométricos Systems (among them the ecological universal dyes free of solvents and that are patented), database in permanent process of update, etc.

We also participate in specific projects for the transfer of technology between companies from different countries (EUREKA projects, CRAFT Projects, EVA Project, European PROFIT Project currently underway with C.E., etc.)

For this, our Laboratory is endowed with the necessary human and technical means and has been equipped with the most modern measuring and testing instruments of our country.


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